• Two-component
    • Stainless steel fluid passages and filter

40/4 MC

Model: 40/4 MC CE (ATEX EX II 2G c T4)
Pressure Ratio: 4:1
Flow rate: 40 liters/min. open outlet with water and at 5 bars with 3/8” outlet
MC: single-component
Pressure < supply: 1 bar
Pressure > supply: 6 bar
Air Consumption: 6 bar and, at 10 cycles per minute, 132 liters
Air supply inlet: da 3/8"
Cubic capacity per cycle: 552 CC3
Maximum cycles recommended: 16 per 1’

Composed of

- no. 1 3/8” inlet air regulator
- outlet fittings of the outlet valves tn 94 pipe ø 16x 2mm
- fittings on intake valves 1" tn 94 pipe ø 28x1,5 mm stainless steel
- steel bottom plate buffer volume with its 3/8” tap inclusive of bp 1/4" recycler pipe
- 1” dip tube in solvent resistant rubber
- buffer volume tube in aluminum

Construction characteristics

The outlet and inlet valves are produced in nickel-plated brass and are equipped with a system of quick anti-reflux closure
1/4” pneumatic air valve
pumping elements are produced in stainless steel with a special external chrome covering
gaskets are built with a special energizer spring, and are produced with a special material which is highly abrasion-resistant
the pumping element has a diameter of 80 mm and carries out a stroke of 55 mm for a cubic capacity of 276,32 cc per pump stroke (one cycle corresponds to 2 pump strokes, therefore 552,64 cc)

Technical notes

- The pump can work without any pressure drop up to 15 complete cycles per minute (30 strokes)
- The pneumatic motor is in aluminum, diam. 160 mm with a stroke of 55 mm; it uses 132 liters of air at 6 bar and 10 cycles per minute.
- Product outlet available both 3/8“ and 1/4" upon request.
- Stainless intake manifold, pipe diameter 28 mm with 3/4" joint


NOTE: the pump is suitable for product transfer