• Two-component
    • Stainless steel fluid passages and filter
    • Completely in stainless steel

14/28 2C

Model: 14/28 2C CE (ATEX EX II 2G c T4)
Pressure Ratio: 28:1
Flow rate: 14 liters/min. open outlet with water and at 5 bars with 3/8” outlet
2C: two-component
Pressure < supply: 1 bar
Pressure > supply: 6 bar
Air Consumption: 6 bar e a 10 cicli al 1’ 200 litri
Air supply inlet: da 3/8 / 1/2"
Cubic capacity per cycle: 122 cc
Maximum cycles recommended: 16 al 1’
Weight: 60 kg circa
Dimensions: 950x600x600



The pump was designed to easily and quickly spray products such as: polyester (bottom and finishing), pigmented and paraffin products; at a high pressure (airless) with a fixed draft ratio: 1:1.
This machine gives the advantage of drawing the accelerated resin on one part and the catalyzed resin on the other (in case of the polyester) and keeping them separated up to the mixer.

This pump is also available in the version with a three-way quick washing device: it consists of the option to wash only the mixer group, not the whole pump, that is highly recommended for those who have short breaks of 15-20 minutes during the work shift.
The final complete washing of the pump has to be done through the two dip tubes, so that the whole pump can be washed.


Technical notes

- The pump can work without any pressure drop up to 15 complete cycles per minute (30 strokes)
- The pneumatic motor is in aluminum, diam. 200 mm with a stroke of 54 mm; it uses 200 liters of air at 6 bar and 10 cycles per minute.
- Product outlet available both 3/8“ and 1/4" upon request.


NOTE: the pump is suitable for product transfer