Most bellow pumps proposed by Bettella s.n.c. are available in the single-component (mc) and two-component (2c) versions: the first number of the model refers to the potential flow rate of the machine, from open outlet with water, while the second one identifies the pressure ratio with which the pump works.

Every single item is designed and produced only with selected materials and, besides being enduring, it allows to spray both abrasive and non-abrasive products, for example polyester, acrylic, varnished polyurethanes, zinc metal etc., which are employed in sectors such as naval, wood, iron, leather, etc.

The construction technology of Bettella s.n.c. pumps guarantees that the painting phase meets six essential requisites that can be summarized as follows:

  • total lack of pressure drop at the exchange
  • total lack of ice formation thanks to a particular exhaust system that releases air into the atmosphere
  • remarkable duration of gaskets, especially compared to the traditional piston pumps
  • maximum simplicity and speed of maintenance
  • extra 25% air-saving compared to first-generation pumps
  • system that prevents the product overheating during operation, avoiding possible acceleration of its catalysis

All available pumps offer the opportunity of spraying polyester products (two-component), polyurethanes (single-component) and water-based paint. Moreover, it must be specified that, upon request, some special components can be assembled as an option: all of them are made with materials with highly-performing characteristics. Among these components: Teflon bellows, pumping elements coated with ceramic, valve seats and balls in tungsten carbide, special three-way quick washing device (only for two-components versions). This is in order to guarantee a much greater reliability and duration in time, especially for more labored applications.