PL12 2C

Model: PL 12 2C CE (ATEX EX II 2G c T4)
Pressure Ratio: 1:1
Flow rate: 12 liters/min. open outlet with water and at 5 bars with 3/8” outlet
2C: two-component
Pressure < supply: 1 bar
Pressure > supply: 6 bar
Weight: 45 kg
Dimensions: 1000 x 540 x 1050



The pump was designed to easily and quickly spray products such as: polyester (bottom and finishing), pigmented and paraffin products; at a low pressure (mixed air) with a fixed draft ratio: 1:1.
This machine gives the advantage of drawing the accelerated resin on one part and the catalyzed resin on the other (4%).
This pump is equipped with 3 one-membrane pumps (model pl6); two of them are mechanically connected with each other to draw the product A and product B at the same time, but keeping them separated; while the third one is for the quick washing of the mixer group, the pipes and the gun.
Complete final washing through the two dip tubes.

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